Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We don't say that

A couple days after Bridget's 4th birthday, she asked when will she be able to drive. I told her when she is 16 she can drive. So if you ask her she will tell you that she is 4 but next year she will be 16.

Today she asked me if she will be 16 next year. I told her no, that she will be 5. I proceeded to count to 16 for her to demonstrate how many years she will have to wait. Her response was.............. "Oh damn it!"

She said it VERY clear. No mistaking that maybe she said something else. So we had a little talk about things we say and I hope we cleared this up.


SnapDragon said...

OH MY GOSH. She has SO MUCH ATTITUDE. I love her. =)

DanaRunaway said...

Now that is funny!