Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Party

Wow! We had a busy, busy day Friday. Bridget had her four year old check up. No surprise, but she is great. She grew 3 inches and gained 6 pounds. She is in the 50% for her age--so totally average, that's good. Then we went to the pharmacy, the grocery store, home for lunch and then off to Stacy's for her Easter party.

Before we left for the party, Becca was so tired she told me "Beta tired, lay down". I told her we were going to Stacy's and she said "Stacy lay Beta down". And when we got there, she REALLY wanted to go lay down. She rested for about 15 minutes, then was ready for the fun. Stacy had baskets full of CANDY and toys for all the kids. She hid eggs in the backyard full of CANDY. Then we all came in for a much needed snack of chocolate cupcakes and cookies. But we all had a great time.

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SnapDragon said...

You make me wanna have girls. =(

I love that pic of Bridget and the basket -- I'm thinking some Kaleidescope may be in order here? hehe..