Monday, June 13, 2011

Dance recital 2011

Dance recital this year was last night. As it always does, this consumes 3 days. Friday is work rehearsal, Saturday is dress rehearsal, and Sunday is the recital. This year Bridget was in a jazz routine and her tumbling routine. Becca was in her competition tap, a jazz, and a tumbling routine.

This is Bridget's jazz group. They danced to the Glee version of Telephone.
This is the from Becca's competition tap group. I think I have posted pictures of this before. They are suppose to look angry. They dance to Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It".

This is Becca's costume for her tumbling routine that was to Centerfield. They combine 2 classes for this, so there was the blue and the red "team".

This is Becca's jazz group that danced to Footloose.

This is Bridget in the center, flipping over another girl.
Bridget in a handstand that I think was actually the middle of another trick

Bridget's front walk over
Bridget is a good performer. You call tell she loves to be on stage. Becca gets nervous and freaks out a bit. She loses her confidence. They both had cute costumes and the over-all show was good I hear. I miss a lot going back stage and changing hair and costumes.

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