Saturday, April 09, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011 edition

The 3rd annual Daddy Daughter Dance went on again tonight. This year, Schaun got to take both girls. I was a little worried that they would fight, Becca would pout and get mad, and of course, none of that happened. When home, I asked them how it went and Becca said it was great and Bridget said it was the best one yet. I asked her why it was better and she said "because Becca was there, I spent more time with Daddy, and less time with friends" Awwwww!

I went to order the corsages and when I found out that two of them would cost over $40 and be totally generic, I had an idea. My sister in law, Kelsie, is taking this flower design class, so why can't we put together corsages? There was no reason, and we did. They were perfectly matched to the dresses, super cute, and hardly cost anything.

Enough with my chatter, here are the pictures.

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