Saturday, October 09, 2010

Some playtime

At school, Becca is making some friends of her own. She knows a lot of third graders from going to Brownie meetings with Bridget, but now that she is going to school there, she is getting to know kids her own age. Bridget has a friend named Riley, they were in the same first grade class and are together again this year. Riley has a sister named Reagan, and she is in class this year with Becca. Having these four girls together makes for perfect playtime! I brought all four girls home from school yesterday and they pair up and do their thing. It was interesting to watch the way they behave. The older girls are what I would call happy-go-lucky. Just, go with the flow and enjoy things. Bridget is more like this than Becca in general. Becca is harder to please just in general with everything and I noticed this with Reagan too. While they were here, we went over to the park. Bridget and Riley enjoyed the playground and tree climbing, while Becca and Reagan were busy getting filthy in the sand. They made sand angels and sand beds.

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