Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The fun never ends

When we got home from dance tonight, I sent the girls up to change their clothes. Becca comes yelling out of her room that the lid to the gerbil cage is closed but the gerbils are gone! What? That doesn't make sense. I go look and sure enough, they are gone. They chewed a hole thru the plastic tube and took off on a vacation. Luckily, we found them both in her room before Daisy did.

This is the second time the gerbils have escaped recently. I think they had a taste of freedom and liked it too much.

The following are a few things the girls have said that I don't want to forget. They make me laugh.

A friend of the girls developed an ear infection. I was passing that news along to them and Bridget asked how you get an ear infection--is it from earrings. I said that it was on the inside of her ear. That is when Becca piped in, shooting Bridget the "you are so stupid" look and said that she got the infection from all the listening she does. Of course!

We went to Sonic and got the girls a slushy drink. Bridget got watermelon and Becca got cherry. They are drinking and Becca of course has to take the lid off and make a big mess out of the thing. That was when she discovered and announced that she had a real cherry in hers. Bridget proceeded to rip her lid off--you see where this is going? I did and started laughing even before she said the words. She looked in her cup and asked why there wasn't a watermelon in hers.

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