Monday, January 04, 2010

Chico the cockatoo

Over Christmas break we bird sat a cockatoo for a lady my mom works with. Those who know me well, know my fascination with birds. A cockatoo was not on my short list of birds to own and now a cockatoo will never be on the list at all. While it is fun to play with and look at, this bird is so loud. How loud can one bird be you might wonder. Well, while my house was totally closed up (recall the blizzard we are living in) neighbors both behind and in front of my house could hear the bird when they were outside their homes. LOUD! She was pretty though. Here are a few pics of her.

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Shawn said...

What a pretty bird!!! We had a yellow cheeked amazon parrot and it was so fun to have but yes to loud. He went to a bird lady of my Dad's friends. :)