Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Car talk

When we drive to dance each week the girls either have very funny comments and conversations or they fight the whole way. Tonight, Bridget shared some of her philosophy.

I was in traffic, in the wrong lane, a nice person let me over and I gave the polite wave. Becca asked who I was waving at. I explained the wave and she asked if it was a kid. Bridget informed her that it was not a kid, because you have to be 16 to drive and 19 to have a car. (Good to know she won't need a car in high school. )

Then she went on to say that even a 19 year old is not an adult. They are still TEENS. She asked if that was right. I said that legally you are an adult at 18 years. She said she was not going to be an adult until she was 20 because in your teens you don't know enough. ( I am going to have her sign that statement for future use).

Then Bridget asked if everybody has to get married. I said no way. It is a choice. She replied that she was not going to marry anybody unless it was the perfect man. (She should start looking now)

Bridget has to keep taking these timed math tests at school. We were talking about math facts and how we need to keep practicing even when school is out because I thought she forgot a lot over the summer when we didn't practice. She said she agreed because when she was at swimming lessons last summer, she got some water in her ear, and she shook everything out of her head trying to get that water out.

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Lisa said...

Bridget is a very smart girl :) I love car talks.