Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes it just takes one word

Becca is home sick today. Running a fever. Acting perfectly normal after she slept for 16 hours the night before, but the fever is sticking around. So she had to miss dance tonight (again) , but we were taking Bridget to her class and having a chat about who Bridget sits by at school.

They don't have regular desks, they have round tables that seat 6 kids. Bridget was telling who she sits by and that she might move soon. She tells us that this boy and girl got moved by the teacher because they were too chatty. Becca said "you mean they would not focus". Something about my 5 year old talking about being focused made me laugh.

Bridget was just telling me about how they are studying safety and today was all about fire safety. It went something like this:

In old Kansas they didn't have fire trucks like now. They had bucket lines and one line carried buckets of water and the other line brought back the empty buckets to fight the fires.

Is that how it was when you were a kid mommy?

Made me laugh because she was so serious.

Even though Becca is sick, it was nice to stay home today.

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