Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I guess Mother Nature took the calendar serious when it said the first day of Summer was here. We went from comfortable to unbearable in seconds it seemed. I was thinking it would be great having a pool on days like this when my neighbor with the pool told me the water was 88 degrees. Yuck!

So we have been staying in the house. This is our summer hibernation. If the forecast is even remotely correct it should be cooler next week. At least a tolerable temperature.

The girls started swim lessons last Monday. It was pouring rain that morning so their first lesson was a safety lesson and not swimming. Becca was very upset about it that day. Knowing what has happened during lesson since then, I'm surprised she wasn't jumping for joy that they didn't swim.

The next day, was still a bit cold at 9:30 but they all got in. The lesson went fine, so I thought. They ask the parents to stay way back from the pool, so I can't hear what is happening or make out facial expressions. I can just see where they are, make sense? (one mom even brings binoculars) So when they came up from the pool and Becca was stomping and had her angry face on I was surprised. She wouldn't say why she was mad, but Bridget reported that the teacher asked Becca to do something twice and that made her mad. Oh my! We chatted a bit about doing what the teacher asks regardless of whether you want to or not. The next day things went downhill even more.

Wed. the lesson was in a deeper part of the pool and Becca decided that was too much for her. She decided to scream the whole time. She screamed so loud I could hear every word she screamed and she screamed in the ear of her teacher. We have had problems with her screaming like this. It hurts your ears and it is not okay with me that she does this.

So it seems, along the way, she decided she is scared of the deeper water. Fine. You can be scared. You may not scream like she did.

So since the screaming day she has basically just not participated. She will just sit on the side of the pool and watch her class if they let her. I talked to the lessons supervisor and she is now giving Becca private lessons each morning. Becca acts like she has never been in water before. It is a little funny how stubborn she really is.

On the other hand, Bridget is doing fantastic. She loves the water. She wants to do the best in her class. She told me that she is good at this and it "might be her thing". They had a contest to see who could float the longest and she won. She was elated about it. Good for her.

I also signed the girls up for tumbling classes for the summer. Thought we would take a break from dancing. They both like this very much.

I have not mentioned it here before, but I'm sure most people know already. Schaun lost his job a few weeks back. He has been busy finding a new one though. He has lots of contacts and it is paying off now. Today he goes back to one place for a second interview and he has another one set up for next week at a different place. So good thoughts for us please that he will be back to work in a couple weeks.

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