Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stupid Weather

The snow storm has not started yet, but it seems it is on the way. It seems like Spring just started with trees and some flowers blooming. Stupid snow is going to ruin it all! Ugh! I'm so done with Winter!

This past week brought sad news. Schaun's grandmother, Ma'am, passed away on Monday. We went to her funeral and burial service yesterday. It was a nice service on a gloomy, cold day. I didn't take the girls with us. Bridget went to school as usual. Since I get charged if Becca is at school while I'm not working, she went to Stacy's. It was a sad time. I realized that we do not have any grandparents living now. Very sad.

Kelsie is home from her California life for a couple weeks. She came over one night last week to watch a movie with the girls. They love their Aunt Kelsie! She is coming back over again this week and they are so excited!

Becca is almost all better now. She is talking normal. I have not let her eat anything too crunchy yet-- no crackers or chips. She is hungry all the time though, but it still hurts a tiny bit when she eats. She did loose a few pounds and is trying to get them back as fast as she can. The best part is that she actually sleeps normal. No tossing and turning. No more snoring! It is amazing.

Bridget seemed to have hit a rough spot in her life. She has been acting, uh, let's say, not bad, but just obnoxous, annoying. She lost all motivation for school--she is too busy acting silly and trying to be the class clown. I really cracked down on her. This is not behavior that I think comes natural to her, I think she is trying hard at it. So I kept on her all week and it seems to have helped. She got all her spelling words right yesterday. She came home so proud of herself. I have not seen that in a while and it was good. I think since she felt that again she might want to keep that feeling and get back to work.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Phantom of the Opera and I am sooooooo excited about it! I love the music, I love the movie, and I'm sure I'll love this too!


Stacy said...

How was phantom??

Kerry said...

It was fantastic! I could watch and listen to it over and over!