Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Break

I have to say that a perk of working at a school is getting the school break like the kids. Friday was our last day. It was such a fun day! It was pajama day--I don't think I have ever gone to my job in my Pj's, but it was so comfy. The kids and their family's were so generous. I was surprised with the gifts I received--gift cards, lotions, ornaments, and lots of yummy baked goods. One of the teachers told me that the administrators get loaded with gifts, but they didn't say anything about the rest of the staff. We have a lot of thoughtful families.

I have not been very productive the last few weeks. I am still finishing up my shopping. I only have 5 people left and all but one I know what I want to get them. Not too bad. Now things need to start wrapping themselves and take their place under the tree. That would be sweet.

I have been holding off finishing the Twilight series until after Christmas. Those books were consuming me. I was staying up all hours of the night reading and I was exhausted all day. The third book left me in happy place with the characters and I felt I could stop there. I am getting weak though. I have the last book sitting on my shelf that I walk by 539 times a day. I actually picked it up last night and opened it to the first chapter, thinking I could just read a little. Then I closed the book, hit myself in the head with it. I will not be able to stop reading once I start. I must wait until after Christmas. I might have to give the book to my neighbor or Schaun to hide. I'm pathetic. Stupid vampire love story. Why do I like this? I do not like vampire stories!


Kelsie O'Brien said...

you sicken me with your twilight addiction

Maricar said...

Vampire stories ROCK.