Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wishes and ruby slippers

This year for Halloween Bridget was a Dreamy Jeanie and Becca was Dorothy. We had a lot of activities to go to. First was the Daisy Scout party, then Becca's school party, next Bridget's school party, and finally trick or treating! Since I am working at Becca's school there was some pressure for the teachers to be in costume. So I went an easy route and was a scarecrow. This was the first year in our neighborhood and it was nice to stay home and walk where we live. Schaun had a good time too. He stayed home to pass out candy and hot dogs. Yep....hot dogs. He set up a table and his grill and people loved it!


Lisa said...

All three of you are adorable!! And I love the hot dog idea--I bet you guys were the talk of the neighborhood :)

jrchaard said...

Becca as a brunette. Very cute both of them.