Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ren Fest

Last Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival. It is something we love to do each year. It is fun to hear what the girls remember from year to year. On the way there Becca talked about the Fairies that gave them dragon tears last year. That was especially funny to me because she was totally freaked out by those same Fairies a year ago.

It was fun as expected. We skipped the Joust this year though. The girls highlight is face painting and we saw some of a large bird show. I love birds. They are so fascinating to me ( I think I got this fascination from my Gramma).

While we were out having a good time, my father-in-law was at our house working. We came home to a beautiful mowed yard. That was so awesome. Thanks Dan! It seems my FIL has a little not-for-profit mowing business going on--he is mowing several lawns at a time.

Bridget has good days and bad ones still. So far, I do not like First grade. I hate seeing her so distraught at times. She still feels like she does the same work everyday. Honestly, there has not been a lot of change is the worksheets and things eh brings home. Report cards come out next Friday, that will be interesting.

Becca is doing fantastic. She is learning a ton. She practices aloud the letters and sounds she learns. She spouts off information she learns, like this week was "we learned about our bodies--the inside and outside." Then she repeats the facts she knows. She takes in information quickly, stores it, and doesn't forget. I'd like to be more like that.

Schaun has a new thing going on at work and he is traveling a bit. He spent this week in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. He just got home today, that is a relief. Things are more balanced when he is home. There is a different energy in the house when he is gone. The girls are clingy and I feel more on guard all the time.

The girls and I are all off tomorrow. We are going to check out the official Girl Scout store and we are having Chinese buffet for lunch. Fun stuff. Saturday I'm going to my Girls Scout Leader training. It is from 9-4 on Saturday. That is a long day, but I have heard it is a good training.

I'm off to go catch up on this week's Tivo'ed shows with Schaun now.

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