Friday, July 11, 2008

Visiting Kristin and Sawyer

On our visit today, we didn't stay long, but the kids had a good time. Bridget and Becca had a blast using Kristin's exercise machine as a swing. Sawyer even tried to tattle on them while they were on it. He was saying something that I didn't quite make out, but totally understood him as he babbled it pointing accusingly at them. For a few minutes they played hide and seek. Bridget was hiding and Becca was leading Sawyer around looking for her. So cute! Bridget took her camera and Sawyer got hold of it and went to town taking pictures of his (super cute) shirt (that I bought him).

We left because we had plans to go swimming at the rec center by our house. This was our first trip and it was so nice. It is this great indoor pool--no worries about sun burn. There are 2 pools. One is deep for swimming and diving. The other is shallow and has fountains that go off in it and it has a lazy river to float around in. It was lots of fun! I guess we did enough today because both girls are passed out snoring on the sofa.

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