Friday, July 25, 2008

Make-up is fun!

The girls really enjoy putting make-up on. I don't like them in my good stuff, so we gave them some kits full of all sorts of goodies. I guess Bridget was trying to match her clothes with all the blue and purple and Becca with the pink. It's funny how beautiful they think they are like this. "Mommy take my picture!" Ummmmm, okay.

Not much else happening lately. I went in for an "interview" at the Montessori school. Mostly it was just so the Director and the teacher could tell me the details of what I would be doing. No surprises though.

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Maricar said...

Bekah got some make up for her birthday. Will said she put some on yesterday before I woke up. "Mom, she looked like a clown." That made me laugh.