Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An example of bad photo composition

If you ever read any photograpghy books or photo tips, one of the things it always says is to watch the composition, to look what's around your subject. This photo shows I did not do that. I think it is funny. The stroller handles behind Bridget look like antennas (maybe that should be antennae?) on her head.


Mcmuffy said...

I've taken a few of those shots myself. How cute!!!

Shawn said...

It is still cute! When we went on that farm tour I had a few pics of this beautiful horse but if you looked closely feet were "hanging" out of his mouth! (Someone was standing behind at a distance) it was funny! I need to remember this too it's just hard because you get caught up in the moment :) Have a good 4th!!!!

Micki said...

Aw no worries. After all that's what PhotoShop is for!