Thursday, June 05, 2008

Growin, growin, growin!

I took the girls in to the doctor yesterday for annual check ups. I saved myself a trip this year and decided to take them together. It was actually so much easier because Bridget goes first, then Becca will do what she did and I didn't have to plead with her to cooperate. Bridget is SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! She is a perfect example for her sister in situations like this.

I know Bridget needs some shots to start school in the Fall. The amount of required shots annoys me so I try to put them off as long as possible. The Montessori school didn't really check on these sort of things, so we were able to put this off another whole year (from Kindergarten to 1st grade). Bridget needs 3 shots to be current and Becca is current. The doctor suggested that Becca go ahead and start getting what Bridget will be getting so she will be current before Kindergarten and mostly cuz she so willingly shadowed Bridget so well. So I agreed to one of the three needed and dreaded shots for both of the girls. Bridget was perfect. She sat up all brave, gave a little "ouch" and a flinch but nothing else. No tears-way to go! Then it was Becca's turn. At this point she decided she was definitely Becca and not Bridget. She tried to hide behind me, that didn't work because I picked her up and put her on the table-kicking and screaming. She wasn't really crying--she was just mad! So, so, so mad! Her face was red, her muscles were all tight, she was sort of doing this growling sound--just as angry as she could be. I kept thinking she was going to turn green and become the Hulk. The nurse and I won though and the shot was done.

On the way home we stopped and got ice cream. Becca remained mad, glared at me, and refused to hold my hand for several more hours.

They both grew a lot last year. It was obvious that Becca had, but Bridget did too. Last year Bridget weighed in at 39 lbs and this year 46 lbs (which is in the 50%). Last year she was 41 1/2" tall and this year is 44 1/2" tall (which is the 25%). So she is growing and and average weight, just not the tallest girl and never has been. I am pretty sure that Becca is going to outgrown Bridget one day.

Last year Becca weighed 27 lbs and this year she gained ten pounds and weighed 37 1/4 lbs! That moved her into the 50% in weight. Last year she was 36 3/4" tall and this year is 40" tall (that is the 65%). I knew she had grown a lot. Especially between when school started last Sept to January. I noticed that she skipped a whole size when the Christmas clothes didn't fit shortly after Christmas!

Schaun went to a new doctor yesterday. He is really suffering, but with the non-treatment he received last year, he didn't want to go to doctors like that again. So my good friend Shawn found out about this doctor in our area that sounded like he might be different. I set up the appointment yesterday morning, and they got him in right away (always a good sign). The doctor seemed to know his stuff. He told Schaun what was wrong with the treatment last year and how they would fix him. This doctor is predicting relief within by the end of the weekend. That would be so awesome!


Shawn said...

So glad he got the treatment he needed! The girls are geting so big!

Contessa Kris said...

Awww, the girls are growing up so big now! And the pics you've posted of them are adorable! My Sophia has grown quite a bit this spring. I need to get her measured. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. HOpe your DH is feeling better soon.