Monday, February 25, 2008


We got to the house on Saturday, got supplies and started painting. I have not been good at taking the before photos. In fact I haven't been good at taking any photos--and I know you all have noticed. I don't have a photo of the front of the house yet. I'll get it soon though, I promise.

I did take a few of the painting going on and the cute decoration on my mantle. As my mother-in-law stated, we have been color repressed forever, and we are letting loose. Schaun wanted one wall in his basement to be red. I made the master bedroom a brown, the girls rooms are each going to be two colors. Bridget's room is pink and purple and Becca's is pink and yellow. They both got the same pink and it is a no kidding sort of pink.

I need to say a special thanks to my father-in-law for all his help on Saturday and to Kristin and Mark for their help painting on Sunday--THANKS!

EDITED TO ADD: This freaking blogger keeps eating my photos! Three times I have loaded a bunch of pics and it just keeps showing me these two. Sorry, I'll have to try later. I have packing to do.


Shawn said...

Holy crap that is pink! wow...are they gonna be able to sleep with all that bright pink? hehe

cant wait to see more pics!

Maricar said...

Love the girly bright pink!

Maricar said...

I see all the other pictures now! I like Sawyer on the mantle!

Annette said...

Aww! That looks like so much fun the kids are having! (the big boys too)!

Kristin Michelle said...

that is the cutest little mantle piece ever!