Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Birthday Events

Since our furniture was delivered early, I was able to make it to lunch with Bridget. I have never gone there and had lunch with her before, so this was a very special birthday thing. I'm posting this photo of us together even though it is a terrible pic of me.

For dinner we went to the Rain Forest Cafe as planned. It wasn't crowded and the girls were both excited. That being said, Becca took excited to a whole different level while we were there. The birthday fairy told the staff that it was Bridget's birthday so they came and sang and brought her ice cream that she so willingly shared with Becca. She is such a good girl! I'm so proud of that kid!


Maricar said...

What a good mommy you are to go to lunch with her and make it an even more special day!

LOL about Becca taking excited to a new level!

And, what a sweet sis. Sharing, even on her birthday!

Kristin Michelle said...

she is a sweetie! glad she had such a good birthday!