Thursday, January 10, 2008


Since I am getting harassing emails about not updating, I guess I better get on it. I don't have any photos to share. This week started "normal" life again. Schaun is back to work, Bridget and Becca are back to school. I spend a lot of time driving up and down Quivira getting them there.

Becca was bouncing off the walls excited to see Caden on return to preschool. She only goes on Mon, Wed, and Fri, and only for a few hours. The rest of the time she spends asking when we are going to pick up Bridget. Awwwwwww, she misses her sister.

Bridget has some new friends at school and she was happy about that. She always gives me updates about who is there and who is not. They have a lot of Asian and Indian families and they travel back to their homelands often. When they go it is a long trip, like a month or so. It seems many of them have not returned from Christmas break yet.

I have received information from both schools that next month is when summer and fall registration begins. I'm feeling a little stressed about the unknown of next year for Bridget. I know that I want Becca to spend the next two years at the Montessori school, so that is easy. I know that I do not want Bridget to attend the elementary school where we live. I am hoping we can move, but if that doesn't happen fast enough, I don't know what to do.

I have been spending a lot of time organizing and purging my scrap area. I have too much paper (along with other old supplies). Bridget wants to scrapbook with me now, so I'm going to share a lot of this with her. First, I have to make room for it all. I have to force myself to do this.

Not much else to report. Both girls are going to be in the dance recital this year. I have not seen the costumes yet, but they measured the girls last night. I do know that they will both be doing tap routines. Kelsie--are you sure you don't want to do a Senior dance with your nieces? I'm sure it would be the talk of the show. LOL!

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