Sunday, December 02, 2007

What's going on?

I never feel like I have anything to post without pictures of something. Another week has gone by. Let's see, not much to say about it. I'm trying to figure out what to get the girls for Christmas. Seriously, they have so much already. I think we have narrowed it down to a few things. I did a walk thru of Toy R Us on Friday. There are a few things that I saw for Bridget and almost everything else looks like something Becca would like. Becca really plays with things. She gets them out and pretends and actually uses them. Bridget likes to have things. She not as much of a player like her sis. It is not just the girls that have lots of things. I do to. The things that I planned on asking for at Christmas are things Schaun already got me this year. I know, I know--"poor Kerry". lol

Yesterday was the Open House at the Scrapbook Page. I worked a few hours doing a make'n take . It was busy the whole time. Then at home we were all hungry. So we went out for "linner" at Sweet Tomatoes. Becca was in heaven with the salad bar. It still cracks me up how much this kid loves lettuce. After eating we drove around to look at lights. Drove thru the Plaza, it was beautiful as always. Then we drove by the most pathetic Mayors Christmas Tree at Crown Center that I have ever seen. Does the Mayor actually choose the tree? If so, he has horrid taste.

We don't have our tree yet. We planned to get it this weekend, but bringing in a wet tree is going to be so messy that I'm all for putting it off, but the girls really want one, so maybe today. maybe I'll get some photos of our Christmas decorations up.


Lisa said...

I like to hear what you're up to even without pictures ;) Glad you posted!

We're going to buy a fresh tree this year, too--next weekend after all the crazyness is done!

Shawn said...

You need to get that tree!! Heck we've had ours up for 2 weeks already!! :)

Glad to see you picked somewhere healthy to eat!

Kristin Michelle said...

i need photos!

Schaun said...

Umm you forgot about my 29.

Kerry said...

I bet I'm the only one who knows what that means.