Thursday, November 01, 2007


Halloween was so much fun this year! The weather was just right--not too terribly cold, just enough to put you in the spirit. The celebration started when Bridget got out of school. I think everybody knows this, but Becca was a penguin and Bridget was (in her words) a pretty, nice witch. The girls and Schaun actually laid on the guilt so thick that I felt obligated to dress up a bit too. At the last minute I ran out and got this huge witch hat and some cool stockings. I had enough black stuff at home to pull it off (keep all those comments about this to yourself please). We went to visit my Gramma at the nursing home first. The girls are always a big hit over there and put them in costumes and wow! all the folks wanted to hug them and just touch them. It is sweet, but Becca is not so hip to this.

After the visit with Big Gramma, we went home, hopped into the truck with Daddy and headed over to see Papa and Gramma. This is when the real fun starts because we trick or treat their neighborhood before heading home. Becca was not shy about this at all, she kept up with Bridget the whole night. At most houses Becca would do a little dance showing off her Happy Feet penguins skills. At one house she didn't dance and Bridget snapped at her "DANCE BECCA". They were just too cute! Before we left to gather all the sugar, Bridget was running around the yard (and I mean literally just running in circles) saying "this is the happiest I have ever been". So funny!

Before heading out on our adventures, I took a few shots at home.


Kristin Michelle said...

there costume look so good! Bridgets is alot more sparkly than i thought!

Shawn said...

I love their costumes! Wow that is quite the hat you got. So where is the pic of Shaun's mask?

Lisa said...

You are all so adorable.....and I'm loving the red hair :)