Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just a few months ago, my husband discovered that I had a blog and he didn't want me to be cooler than him, so he started his own. He takes his blog very seriously in the sense that he feels an obligation to inform and entertain the readers. Yesterday his blog job went to a new level.

Let me interject here that we have a gargantuan television. This is something that he had to have, the biggest television out there and we needed it all hooked up to HD things too. He loves this tv. When he comes home and passes by this huge thing he gives it a good look over to make sure I didn't damage it during the day. He chats with the girls for a while and then he hits the recliner, remote in hand, and settles in for the evening with the giant guide on his giant tv.

Last night, he went thru his routine, but he sat in the recliner and grabbed his laptop and not the remote! He was checking his email for requests from his blog for a Jayhawk song that people want. The tv wasn't on! He didn't even have the remote in his hand! I was in shock and I knew the blog had taken on a new position in his life.

Watch out giant television....you have a rival!


Kristin Michelle said...

good! i like his blog...i find it very entertaining and i am glad that somebody in your house updates consistently!

Annette said...

Wow! An evening with a little bit of no TV. That's so cool!