Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shopping is FUN!

The other day when it was too cold to wear shorts and my well-worn tee shirts, I cringed at my lack of warmer clothes. I didn't really buy much anything new last year and I recently packed up a large amount of donations and got rid of my old stuff. So today, my mom, Bridget, Becca, and I went out shopping. My friend Anna hooked me up with a FANTASTIC coupon. I got so much and I saved so much!

I came home with 9 tops, 5 sweaters, 1 pair jeans and 2 pairs of shoes for me. For the girls I got 5 pairs of shoes, 3 pants, and 3 tops. And just so Schaun didn't feel totally left out, I got him some new tee shirts ( he is too picky for me to shop for him).

I have not shopped like this is ages and it was fun!

Now, bring on the colder days!

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Lisa said...

WOW!! I *love* shopping trips like that!!