Sunday, October 21, 2007


My poor blog. I was a little busy last week and just never stopped to post here. I spent one morning at Becca's preschool helping the teachers with things they needed cut out. I figure my scrapbooking skills made me highly qualified for that job. On Thursday I went to the Holiday Mart with my mom and her cousin. It was great! I chatted with Santa and he decided on a great gift for my girls from one of the vendors. I'm very excited about it! Friday I went to the Creating Keepsake Convention that was in town. I took one class that was really fun and did a little shopping there. I found a few different items and a bargain on some flowers. Then I had to run to the Page and collect a huge pile of things for a class I am teaching today.

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Kristin Michelle said...

wouldnt mom's cousin be your cousin too?