Saturday, September 08, 2007

Old Settlers Days

It was only 5:00 on Saturday and we had already been so adventurous, so why end it so early? We then headed to Olathe for this big annual event. In the past (in pre-kids days) we went and enjoyed the food and walked around the booths. This year, we had to trudge through the carnival part because the girls (especially Becca) wanted to get on the rides. I took a few shots of them enjoying the rides. For the most part,I couldn't wait to leave. It was crowded, I don't do well in crowds. The crowds were rude teenagers that I swear were ALL smoking. Ugh! The lines were loooooong. The place was disgusting. There was so much trash all over. It was ridiculous. There were trash cans all over, but people just left their crap all over. Yuck! We let the girls ride a few things and then we were out of there.

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Kristin Michelle said...

sounds like you had fun!