Thursday, September 27, 2007

A new friend

(This is one of my zoo photos not our new friend)
Yesterday, my husband came home in the middle of the day wearing one black glove on one hand and holding a shaking, rattling brown paper bag in the other. It freaked me out for a second. Why wouldn't it. Does that seem normal at all? After he finished laughing at me for being afraid, he said it was a turtle and he wanted to show Becca. We took it out back and let it go in the yard and that turtle took off so fast! Becca was chasing it to see it. We made it a comfy, temporary home in a rubbermaid container. Bridget was excited about it when she got home. She went and pulled a bunch of grass and threw it on him.

Later in the evening, Schaun decided to bring it up and look at it some more. For some reason he thought he could let it loose in the living room and it would just hang out with us. I told him I didn't want that turtle taking off under some furniture. He assured me that wouldn't happen and he put it on the floor and away it went. Schaun had to move FAST to catch it. He got it back into the container and I look over and Bridget is all crouched up on the back of the sofa. It was so funny!

We will be taking him to a park soon.


Lisa said...

I can just see that scene in my head....too funny!! Who knew turtles could move so fast??

Kristin Michelle said...

you all must have really scared that poor little turtle!