Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Becca is off to preschool

The day has finally arrived. Becca's first day of preschool! She has been very excited about this. The school asked that the kids not have backpacks but tote bags. So I fixed her up a little bag with her name on it. When she got up this morning she was so thrilled with that bag!

Bridget was very helpful this morning too! She kept telling Becca how fun preschool would be and all the things she could do in her room. So cute!

We dropped Bridget off at school then headed to Becca's. We had time for some photos of course. Then she went right into her room, hung her bag in the correct place. The room is Ocean themed and they all have a symbol to identify their space and Becca is a lobster.

She seemed a teeny bit nervous. It was a little crazy with all the different ages going to their classes and all the parents there. She jumped right in though. She scanned the room and went right for the play-doh table. That is where I left her.


Kristin Michelle said...

cute photos! so relieved it went so well!

Shawn said...

bethany said thats becca!