Thursday, September 06, 2007

All in one day

Yesterday was a big day in Becca's life.

She started preschool without a hitch. Bridget has dance on Wed. evenings. I told Bridget to go get dressed for dance and they BOTH came out dressed for dance. I told Becca this was Bridget's class. I tried to get her to take a class this summer and she would have no part of it. So I thought, great, she wants to go when she can't.

So we leave with them both dressed knowing Becca is headed for big disappointment and major pouting. We arrive and Bridget goes in her room with Becca on her heels. I tell her she needs to come out, hoping she will on her own. No such luck. She is determined. The instructor informs me that there is a class for her age group following Bridget's class. I carried her out with tears followed by major pouting. After she calmed down, she agreed that she will stay for her own class.

Both girls did so great! I was so surprised and proud of Becca. She didn't play around. She listened to every word from her instructor and did everything.

I guess have two adorable recital dances to look forward to next Spring!

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Shawn said...

that is so sweet!!!!