Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kindergarten Kid

It's official! I'm the mom of a girl in kindergarten. I feel like I cheated a little bit though. She is going to the private kindy at the Montessori school she went to last year. So I didn't have to deal with the fear I had of her being in the elementary school with the bigger kids. (I'll have that next year)

When we pulled up to the school this morning her teacher (same as last year) pulled in next to us. Bridget could hardly contain herself from the excitement of seeing her! She jumped out of the van and ran over and gave Mrs. Paris a huge hug.

It is almost time to go pick her up. I can't wait to hear about her day!


Micki W. Hill said...

Congratulations Kerry!

Kristin Michelle said...

im glad she is so excited about school! she looks so grown!

Dana said...

Aw....she looks so cute!