Saturday, July 07, 2007

What A Sweetie

This page is one I designed for one of my upcoming classes. I dressed it up a bit and added my photos. They really seem to like seeing it like that in class. Sometimes I show the pages to my girls when I finish them. I showed this to Becca today when I was done. I told her that the pictures were of her when she was a baby (cuz she is all big now you know *insert eye roll here*). She was fascinated with the strawberry on the shirt. Then she looked closer and said "That's me with the red thingy on my eye. The red is all gone now"

I was a little shocked by that. I didn't think she ever noticed. She has never said anything about it ever before. She didn't seem upset. It was just a statement, and then she ran off to play.


Shawn said...

Love those colors!! Becca looks so little!

Kristin Michelle said...

cute lo!
Becca looks like she weighs more than, than she does now!