Sunday, June 03, 2007

Old Shawnee Days

Saturday we headed out to Old Shawnee Days. Bridget talks about going to the carnival all year. Becca was feeling a little under the weather, but she seemed up for it. Considering she just wants to watch from the stroller. She doesn't have any desire to get out try any rides. They were both really really quiet on the way there. A little too quiet. Suddenly, Becca started to cry. I knew that cry. It was the "I'm gonna throw up cry". I was right. UGH!

So Schaun turned the car around and headed home. Bridget was so sad, and Becca was so sad. At home I got Becca cleaned up (it wasn't really all that bad) and Schaun and I decided to give going back a shot. It was a good decision. Becca was a little pathetic looking, but she was still happy. Bridget was ecstatic to go on all the rides and the big blow up slides. I took her on the ferris wheel (where I took a few shots from the top) and Schaun went on the carousel with her. The weather was perfect and it was a fun time.

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