Sunday, May 20, 2007

A moment of insanity

Do you ever have these moments when a certain thing takes over all other thoughts? Even when it is something not important to anything at all.

Last night we went out to dinner. After dinner, Schaun wanted to kill some time and drive around (even though gas is an outrageous $3.39 a gallon!). We drove thru downtown, the Plaza and then by Union Station. There was a wedding party taking pics outside Union Station and in front of the fountain there. I made a comment about how great those photos would be. Schaun joked that we could go put our wedding clothes on and take new photos. Then he said he would need a larger tux. I agreed that I would need my dress altered. And then.....

I had this moment---I could not remember where my dress was. I felt panic.

Why??? I don't need it. I'm not going to wear it.

I know it is not at my house. Schaun assured me it was at my mom's . I cannot remember taking it there. I called her to reassure me, but she didn't answer.

The thought that I had lost my dress in a move was making me sick. The last place I remember seeing it was 6 years ago when we lived in Olathe. Schaun knows me so well and he could tell that it was going to drive me nuts. He just started to drive toward my mom's house (even though we has stopped by there before dinner, lol) .

I went in and my mom was thinking something was wrong since we had just been there. I told her I needed to know if my wedding dress was in the house. She looked at me like I had three heads and told me it was. Whew! Instant relief!

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