Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Perfect Day

Saturday was what I consider perfect weather. The temperature, no gusting winds, it was not humid, and there was perfect blue sky. I took the girls out to play. I couldn't believe they were not begging to go out. Becca is now able to pedal the tricycle, but can't seem to steer it at the same time. So it goes peddle, peddle, peddle, look up, see you are going into the grass, straighten up, then peddle some more. She is getting it though. She found this cute yellow hat and decided it would be her accessory for the day. She is so cute and funny.

I had a frightening glimpse of my future with Bridget. There is a boy down the street that she loves to play with. I limit her time with him because he doesn't seem to have good parental guidance and he gets rough and crazy. He is a year older than Bridget, so he is just bigger, and he wants to do boy things and the girls get hurt. Yesterday he was polite and nice, so we stayed and played instead of running to the backyard to escape him. They rode their scooters up and down the sidewalk a lot. Then they got tired and stopped at his house. They were just sitting there next to each other laughing and talking. It scared me. I could see her as a teen and it was really frightening. She loves boys and they love her. I'm thinking we should move to a rural country house or something.

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Maricar said...

Love the yellow hat!