Saturday, February 24, 2007

What's going on around here

I have been very busy with some family obligations. My gramma has not been well and I have been helping out my mom and aunt a little bit. Gramma has been moved to a nursing home for the time. Se is technically there for rehab, but whether or not she will remain a resident is still up in he air.

Today, I am getting together with my life-long bestest friend Norma. She only lives about 30 minutes away but for some reason, I have not seen here in about a year! That is just terrible. She has 2 daughters that are each a year older than Bridget and Becca. We are going to Crown Center for a kids interactive exhibit today. Should be fun (except for the stupid rain).

Then it will be back here to clean more. Bridget will be 5 on Monday! Did you hear that--FIVE!!!! The five year thing is freaking me out a bit. Suddenly she seems so big!

We are having the annual family party tomorrow here at our house. Bridget is so excited! She loves birthdays! I honestly do not know where we will put any more toys though.

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