Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Catching up

On Monday Bridget started her new preschool. She is attending Blue Valley Montessori School. It is 5 days a week from 8:30- to 12:45. The school is great. I really think that Bridget will do great in the montessori setting. But this morning, on the THIRD day, this is the conversation:

"Bridget, we need to get you dressed"

"What for mom?"

"So you can go to school"


"Yes, you go everyday, except Sat and Sunday"


"So you can go learn new things"

"But I'm going to get tired of that stuff"

Nice. She only went 2 days and she is tired of the stuff already. She hasn't even met the whole class yet because the returning students start on Thursday. I think she will be happier when there are more kids in there with her, right now there are only 7. So we will see.

Other news.

Schaun and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on August 10. We had a great time. The first reason it was so nice is because it was free. The second reason is what we did.

It was free becuase he managed to get his company to pay for it. They do things like this for him sometimes. They know he is making them more money than anybody else in the company and they do not pay him enough salary for the revenue he generates or for the hours that he puts in.

What we did was stay at the Westin Crown Center for 2 nights. The girls stayed with Stacy (and thankfully that went smooth). We had the "wedding package" which included room service breakfast both days, and the first night we got champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We had a great room with a great view of downtown and Union Station. We had dinner at the Melting Pot on the Plaza. That was so yummy and so fun! The next night we ate at Harrahs at the Buffet and had all you can eat crab legs. Yum! This was Schaun's idea. He likes to gamble a little. I think it is a waste because I ALWAYS lose. He didn't have much fun because he lost. I bet $20 and left with $25. Whoo hoo!

It was a nice time. And the idea of leaving the girls and having alone time is nice, but in reality I missed them lots!


Annette said...

Wow! Sounds like such a great time! and YOU WON! It's a lot more fun to win, or at least break even when you gamble.

It is fun to hear your stories of preschool!

Vicki said...

Hi Kerry,
I was so glad to here that Bridget is going to a Montessori school. You know I was a teacher assistant in two Montessori schools. Its a terrific program. Such a wonderful way to learn. I didn't have the money when my kids were little, but I always knew about the Montessori method. Its great. Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversay, and the only thing I am envious of is the Melting Pot. One of my favorite places. It is really funny when kids finally realize that they have to go to school five days a week. Both of my big children started to school today. Rob has gone back for a two year program to be a mechanical electrition. He would repair printers, copy machine, sorter machines, that kind of stuff. They can make real good money especially if they have to go out late at night. So I am really happy he has gone back to school. Ashley finished her CNA program this summer and will apply to the RN nursing program at JCCC in the fall. We kidded about them both of going off to school this morning. Happy day to you. I love reading your Web page.