Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My sweet little baby turned TWO!

We had Becca's second birthday party on Sunday. Her actual birthday is Thursday, the 11th. It was a great party. We had a Mickey& Minnie Mouse theme. The super cute Minnie cake came from Aunt Kristin--she provides all our theme cakes. We had balloons galore and lots of great gifts. Schaun smoked some pork on Saturday, so we had some fantastic pulled pork sandwiches along with the brats, dogs, burgers, and chicken he grilled during the party. One of Becca's presents was a big crab shaped sand box (from Gramma Kathy). Once we went outside to take a look at it, all the kids were off and running. They sure do love the outdoors.

It is hard to believe that my tiny Becca is two. I am constantly amazed when she says complete, understandable sentences or when she listens, understands and (sometimes) follows directions. Just little reminders that she is getting big and smart really fast.


Shawn said...

She is adorable!! Mmmm that cake looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing your pics :)

SnapDragon said...

Truth time - did Aunt Kristin cook the cake, or buy it? =)

Kerry said...

Kristin has a friend that is a professional cake maker as her side job. And it is Misty that provides the cakes via Kristin. But Kristin actually helped make this one.