Thursday, May 04, 2006

I miss

I've been challenged to blog about someone that I miss. There is not one name that jumps at me, but you know what I really miss?

Jello pudding pops.

When I was a kid, I ate these all the time. They were the best treat. Cold and creamy, just perfect.

Jello does not make these any longer. I am not sure why. I didn't believe that they really stopped making them for a long time. I would search every grocery store I was in looking for them. No luck. At one point I contacted the company. I thought maybe I could order them. Maybe they were not available locally. That is when I learned the truth. They told me that pudding pops were not produced any longer. I think that is a crock of you know what. Everybody loves pudding pops, so why not make them?


SnapDragon said...

I'm telling you. You need to start a petition. BRING BACK THE PUDDING POPS MAN!

Maricar said...

Kerry, You make me smile.

DanaRunaway said...

You made me realize that they don't sell them anymore. I'd forgotten about those... they were good!

I always think of Bill Cosby's commercials when I think of those!

Shawn said...

Ya know I'm not sure I ever had a jello pop....hmmm wierd.