Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lost and Found

About 4 weeks ago I took Bridget to the library. She randomly picked out this DVD titled "Hamilton Mattress". There was a muppetish looking anteater-like thing on the front, but I have no idea about this character. Well, she never watched it. A week later, when it was due I went to look for it with the other library stuff and it was gone.

It just disappeared.

I re-checked it as many times as I could while I continued to look for this movie. You know, under cushions, behind furniture, and any other nook and crany. Places that just seemed stupid to look. But I looked and looked.

I gave up the looking and went and admitted our crime to the library. My theory was that if I paid for it, then it would appear. It cost me $15.00 last Friday to purchase this lost item.


You got it. Bridget walked up to me and handed it to me today. "Mom, here is that lost movie".

I'm not sure where it was. She says she had it with the other movies, but it wasn't. But my theory was right.


SnapDragon said...

So you are now the proud new owner of an ant-eater-based muppet-type movie. I'm *SO* coming to your house for movie night.

DanaRunaway said...

That use to happen to us too when we read in the summer reading program when the kids were little.

Maricar said...

:) You are not alone. But - you know you can now bring that movie BACK to the library and get your $15 back. We were refunded last summer ...